Eco-Foam Insulation

Eco-Foam Insulation

Fiberglass insulation has been around forever and is still used extensively. It is rated by R value. You will see this on the package. It might say R-13 or R-19. Simply put the rating has to do with heat loss and I won’t go into the exact formula. Over time this type of insulation breaks down and loses effectiveness. Something else you won’t hear is that it does not stop air flow.

Next on the list is blown cellulose. Like the term implies it is blown into walls and attics and can be blown as thick as you want it. It will degrade over time and every 5 or so years you should add more. This product does not stop air flow.

One of the latest Green Products is recycled denim. That’s right, chopped up blue jeans and believe it or not it has an R19 rating. Installers like it because it does not make you itch like fiberglass does and it will do a better job of stopping air loss.

This all brings me to Eco-foam insulation. It is eco-friendly because it is soy based instead of petroleum. There are 3 basic types. Open cell, closed cell, and hybrid open closed cell. We’ll start with closed cell. You might hear it called spray foam because it is sprayed on in liquid form and it then expands at a rate of 6-1. It has an R-value of from 5-7 depending on manufacturer. It creates a perfect air seal as well and will keep rodents out. Closed cell is used mostly on new construction.

Open cell is also called injection foam insulation. It can be used in both new and existing construction. In existing structures holes are drilled in between wall studs for wood frame buildings or in the mortar joints in block or brick. The insulation is then injected and fills the cavity from the bottom up. Being open cell it does not expand so it can’t cause damage to interior drywall. Like the spray foam it also creates a perfect air seal.

The hybrid insulation is used more in commercial applications where it will expand somewhat but not so much as to cause any damage. All 3 of the Eco-foam insulation formulas create an air seal that you don’t get from any of the others and the R-factor plus perfect air seal make for a far superior product that will last virtually forever.
For obvious reasons the Eco-Foam is my choice. The benefits far out weigh the initial extra cost.


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