Insulation Contractors and Energy Saving

Insulation Contractors and Energy Saving

Contacting an insulation contractor may be one of the best decisions you make in terms of cutting down your energy bills. Homes that have not had any insulating material added within the last ten years are most likely to benefit from the addition, though any home can realize benefits by upgrading the quality and quantity of the product. You may be unable to get the energy company to reduce costs, but you can reduce the amount of heating and air conditioning you need to use.

The Effects of Air Leakage

One reason to contact an insulation contractor is to uncover the risks of air leaks. When air can get into and out of the home, it can lead to potential problems, including significant loss of energy. For example, in the summer months, your air conditioning system is working hard to maintain a constant level of climate within the space. Air leaks allow two things to potentially happen. The cooled air escapes through these holes and gaps. Hot air gets in. In both cases, the system has to work harder to re-cool the space. That costs money. These leaks commonly happen in attics.

Heat Exposure

Another risk to deal with is the risk of heat warming the home. For example, in the summer months, the heat in the attic builds and, even with proper venting, it can increase the temperature in any home by several degrees. When there is proper insulating material in place, this is less likely to occur. The material helps to create a barrier that keeps hot air out and cool air in. The reverse happens in the winter months when it blocks cold air from penetrating into the home.

saving money Means Being Comfortable

At the same time as you are saving money by blocking these air concerns, keep in mind that you are also improving your comfort level. All of a sudden turning the thermostat to 72 degrees is not necessary to keep the home feeling comfortable. Rather, you can keep it higher and still maintain a comfortable feel because the climate is better controlled. This can also reduce the wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems, which could save you money in the long term.

The fact is, without additional insulation additions to the home, you may continue to pay more for the climate control you need. You may even pay far more than you need to. The investment often pays for itself within a year or two. Find out from an insulation contractor what your needs are, what the cost will be and how much you can save by making this investment. You may be surprised by just how affordable it can be.


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