Insulation Without Reconstruction

Insulation Without Reconstruction

Insulating a home is an arduous job. For new homes the task of placing foam insulation in walls and attics is relatively simple. foam insulation can be applied between the framing and sheet rock of both interior and exterior walls to provide a barrier of protection against the elements, but for existing homes the process of adding to or upgrading insulation can be a painstaking process.

Traditionally existing walls had to be opened up to expose the old fiberglass insulation. This meant tearing down sheet rock and moving slowly from room to room until all the work was completed and the walls were replaced with not only new insulation, but also new sheet rock and finishes. The time and money required to replace existing insulation within a home was an expenses that could be costly and most certainly time consuming.

In recent years, however the development of foam products for insulation has revolutionized the process for replacing older home insulation by injecting insulating spay foam into the structure without tearing down walls and adding the expenses of reconstruction.

The beauty of foam insulation is that the work is done from the exterior of the home, leaving the interior untouched. Installers first bore a small hole into an exterior wall then inject the spay foam into the wall in the same way that bakers makers inject jelly into a donut. The exterior hole in the wall is then patched and the home protected against the elements through a barrier of insulation.


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