Some Facts About Foam Insulation

Some Facts About Foam Insulation

Rigid insulation made of foam is a special kind of insulating material which can be used anywhere in the home. This means you can use it from the top of the house right down to the bottom. It’s a very advantageous type of material, as it is strong enough to add structural strength to a property.

In addition it’s excellent at helping reduce heat loss. There is quite a large variety of this type of insulating material, and the choice can depend on where the product is due to be located. Some types are more expensive than others.

One particular type is made out of a material called bead-board. This is made by mixing up unexpanded polystyrene beads with a special liquid, before heating it to expand the beads. The resulting mixture is then injected into a mould and shaped into a block. Another type uses a similar manufacturing process, but the resulting material is much stronger and tends to be used for roofs or walls.

It’s essential that it be installed properly, as this will help maximize its performance. You can either choose to have it installed by a professional, or it is possible to do it yourself. If you choose to attempt the installation yourself then it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions properly.

This type of insulating material must be protected from direct sunlight as it may damage it. This generally means applying a protective coating to block out the ultraviolet rays. The coating can be a rubberized paint, or something similar such as acrylic, silicon or even tar. Sometimes it is covered with a kind of plastic membrane or roofing felt.

It is important to choose the right type of protective covering as some contain solvents which can damage certain plastics. Regardless of whether you choose to install it yourself, or pay someone else to do so, this material will reduce your energy costs. It’s been shown to improve energy performance considerably, and some tests show this improvement to be double.

Installing this type of material is a very cost efficient and energy efficient way of constructing a home. It can certainly help a new building meet energy code standards in your area. Nowadays it is becoming essential for everyone’s home to be as energy efficient as possible. Having rigid foam insulation is a very good way of helping to achieve this.


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