Soundproof Insulation

Soundproof Insulation


Your home, unfortunately, is simply not up to the task of sheltering you from the noise pollution created by the continual traffic on nearby busy streets. Nor can it shut out the sounds of your overly loud neighbors.

Your home, in fact, is actually contributing to the noise problems with its banging pipes and thin walls which allow sound to bleed from one room to another. What can you do?

How Soundproofing Insulation Will Benefit Your Family

Turning your noisy home into the quiet oasis of your dreams might be much less of a challenge than you expect. Adding soundproof insulation to your house will not only shut out the unwanted noise; it will make you home much more marketable should you eventually decide to sell.
Most importantly, adding soundproof insulation to your home will make everyone who lives with you much happier.

As soon as you install soundproof insulation in your home, you’ll put an end to the arguments over televisions and music players being too loud, and to the problem family members eavesdropping on conversations being held in other rooms.

Everyone in your home will also be sleeping much better after the soundproofing insulation is installed, and if one of you has an early wakeup call, the alarm will not interrupt the slumber of everyone else who wants to sleep in.
Soundproof insulation can bring a highly welcome feeling of privacy to the confined dimensions of a small home.

Soundproof Insulation and Lower Energy Bills

You may not have ever realized that when you install soundproof insulation in your home, you won’t just be blocking unwanted noise.
Almost all soundproofing insulation is acoustical foam which is injected through attic openings into the interiors of your home’s walls. As the foam spreads down from the attic, it gradually expands and hardens, sealing each gap in your walls.

You’ll no longer be experiencing drafts around your light fixtures and electrical outlets, and your home will be more protected than ever from summer heat gain and winter heat loss.

Your energy bills, as a result, will drop and if you stay in your home long enough, your ENERGY SAVINGS may even be large enough to pay for the cost of your soundproof insulation!

If you don’t currently own a home, but intend to build one in the near future, you can make it the quiet retreat of your dreams from the outset by installing Soundproofing installation during its construction.

Once the house’s plumbing and electrical wiring are in place, your building contractor will attach fiberglass batting to the interior of its walls, and the degree of soundproofing it offers will depend on its thickness.

There are other soundproofing materials you can discuss with your contractor, so make sure you understand all your options so that your finished home provides all the peace and quiet you deserve!


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