Top Questions to Ask Your Insulation Contractor

Top Questions to Ask Your Insulation Contractor

An insulation contractor is a professional who can provide you with a home that’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This person can help you to cut down on your energy bills, too. Many homes have leaks or insufficient protection from the elements and most homeowners of these homes do not realize it. Though you may only think about doing something once you feel a breeze blowing, it is important to take steps to improve the overall protection of your home as soon as possible.

What to Ask

The best way to find out the condition of your home is to talk to your insulation contractor about it. This professional specializes in this industry and can offer you the type of experience and knowhow you need to know the overall condition of your home. The following are some questions you should ask these professionals when you set up a time for them to come to your home.

• After examining the location, ask the professional if you need additional insulating material added to your home. In some cases, you may not. There may not be any need for these products but in many cases, there is a need.

• Where are the problems located? Though may believe the only place to worry about insulating the home is the attic, most homes have problems throughout and could benefit from additional product use.

• What type of product is best for your home’s needs? There are numerous products on the market today including some that offer a blown-in technology that allows for the material to be compacted into place, providing a very tight area.

• What type of product is available that is eco-friendly? There are many products on the market that have a reduced carbon footprint than the products used just a few years ago. Ask the contractors about these options.

• What will the benefit be to the home with this new product added? You should see a return on your investment in added value and in ENERGY SAVINGS. You should also expect to feel comfortable in your home as a result.

As you talk to the insulation contractor, be sure to talk about your specific needs and the customized options right for you. You need to know what the impact of this investment will be on your specific home to make the investment worthwhile. For many people, it can be. By using just a small amount of insulating product in your home, the ENERGY SAVINGS can be seen. However, this will differ from one home to the next. That’s why you need an expert to help you to determine if your home will benefit from this product.


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